HVAC & Plumbing

Kentex is also design-oriented mechanical services contracting company. Our highly-experienced team provides high quality design information which helps minimize your installation cost, without compromising on the required environmental standards.

We will provide you with detailed information as to the anticipated performance levels of any new equipment installed, and also advise on the standards to be expected from existing installations.

Our maintenance department can provide high quality preventative maintenance, for all of your existing mechanical equipment as well as the newly installed by Kentex equipment

Types of system we can install for you, from new or existing.

  • Fan coil installations
  • Variable air volume systems
  • Displacement ventilation systems
  • Chiller replacements to meet Montreal Protocol requirements
  • Chilled ceilings
  • Heat pumps
  • Close control computer rooms
  • Fire suppressant systems
  • Kitchen installations
  • Plumbing installations
  • Heating installations
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume systems
  • Clean rooms & specialist ventilation systems